HCMS is a full-service construction management firm.


HCMS has been a prominent builder in Dallas for over twenty years. Operating under the Harwood International umbrella, HCMS has been involved in some of the most iconic buildings in Dallas. From the first commercial building in Dallas, The Rolex Building, to renovating the first Hispanic school into the popular Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar, HCMS has a wide and varied portfolio.


Alone HCMS has the experience and capabilities to efficiently construct your building, but when partnered with their sister companies, HDF and SPHINX, they have the power to bring you much more. Also under the Harwood International umbrella, HCMS, HDF and SPHINX integrate construction and general contractor services to your project seamlessly. All three companies are just cubicles away from each other, offering a unique opportunity for construction, architects and general contractors to be in communication through all phases of the project. 

This integrated services approach eliminates common problems that plague many building projects and ensures timely and under budget project delivery. Open and easy collaboration between the different teams means that potential problems in design or construction can be resolved early on and quickly, rather than spiraling into a larger, more complex problem.

The full Harwood International brand also has the ability to offer financial services, leasing, marketing, graphic design and event planning services to finish out the project. When marketing strategy can work hand in hand with the design-build team, great insights and effective leasing can be achieved. Financial services are available to calculate ROI and build out budgets to ensure a successful project. 


Harwood International is a global master plan real estate firm with offices and projects in select niche markets in Beverly Hills, Dallas, Sunnyvale’s Gold Coast, Geneva, London’s West End, Paris and Zurich’s Golden Triangle. In Dallas, Harwood International is the developer behind the quickly expanding 18-city block HARWOOD District. HARWOOD has grown to include 6 office buildings and 7 restaurants. 

“Working with Harwood International to plan the Jones Day Building was more than a pleasure, it was a learning experience. I have great respect for Harwood International’s attention to detail...”
— Frances P. Hubach, Jr., Managing Partner, Jones Day Reavis and Pogue